Primary School Admissions
The Council House
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How to apply

If your child lives in Derby city and is due to start reception in September 2019 you will need to apply for a school place.

You can make an application from 6 November 2018. The closing date for online applications is 15 January 2019. If the closing date has passed, you can still apply however any applications made after the deadline date will be classed as late and will be considered after all on-time applications have been processed. The National Offer Day for all applications is 16 April 2019.

The Admissions Team considers the application against schools admissions criteria.  If these schools have not reached their Published Admission Number, a place will be offered.  If any school is over its Published Admission Number, the application will be refused and the right of appeal offered. The Admissions Team will write to parents informing them of the outcome of their application, together with the notification of the right to appeal if applicable. The school is also sent notification that a place has been allocated by the Admissions Team and the pupil will be admitted into the school by the date stated on the letter; usually between two to three weeks from the date of application. No pupil will be refused access to school as a result of disability. School, parents and the Local Authority will work together to ensure appropriate support and access to school is provided.

Click to download our SEND Policy and Accessibility Plan.

Schools have no part in the admissions process. Please contact admissions at Derby CIty Council on 01332 6642729 if you have any questions.

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Appeals for applications made in the normal admissions round must be heard within 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals.

When applying for a place, remember:

  • Most schools in Derby city have catchment area criteria. Children living in the catchment area are given a higher priority when places are offered.
    We recommend that one of the schools on your application is your catchment school.

  • Please name up to three infant or primary schools. This can include schools outside of Derby city.

  • If you are applying for a place in a Roman Catholic school, you will also need to fill out a supplementary application form.

  • The admissions process for children with a Statement of Special Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan is different.
    Click here for more information regarding SEND applications.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is online.
You can also apply by telephone on 01332 642730. 
Alternatively, you can request a paper application using the same telephone number.


School admission authorities are required to provide admission for all children in the September following their fourth birthday. However, a child is not required to start school until they have reached compulsory school age following their fifth birthday.

For summer born children, parents can request that their child attends part-time until they reach compulsory school age or that the date their child is admitted to school is deferred until after in the same academic year. Where parents consider sending their summer born children to school in the September after their fifth birthday and request that they enter the reception class in September 2019 instead of the year 1 class, the admission authority is required to make the decision based on the individual circumstances of each case.

Please note, you will still need to make an application for delayed entry at the normal time and before the closing date of 15 January 2019, as well as submitting an application for a place in the current round.

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