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3P - 4W - 5M/G - 6B


3T - 4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


3A - 4B - 5A - 6C


 - 3P

Rayaan Adeel - 3T
Reflective Learner

Asking and answering questions.


Rudolf Balog - 3A
Team Worker

I have been a team player this week.

Madeeha Jamil - 4W
Self Manager

On the trip I was really brave and grown up when someone was sick and I am also trying really hard with my English work.



Fatima Hussain - 4M/S
Self Manager

I have been chosen as House Hero because I always set my homework out neatly, try my best and hand it in on time.

Martin Bado - 4B
Effective Participator

I was listening and joining in.

Abubucker Alyas - 5M/G
Resourceful Thinker

I used my cooking library book to bake a cake at home with some help then brought the cake in for Mrs Morley to try. Mrs Morley was impressed with the fact I read and followed the recipe. 
I also took part in the singing at the Gurdwara and made Mrs Wilson proud!

Kierhys Lambert - 5W/C
Self Manager

I have made a huge improvement this week with my learning behaviour. I have commited myself to learning and self-improvement.

 - 5A


Tia Hardy - 6B
Reflective Learner

If I am struggling, I ask for help. I also take feedback and use this to make changes and move my learning forward.

Daniel Godla - 6H
Self Manager

I have made great progress with my literacy skills, both in and outside of lessons this week. This is thanks to my hard work and my commitment to learning.

 - 6C



GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?