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3M - 4M/S - 5D - 6B


3B - 4T - 5W - 6J/I/B


3A - 4W - 5M/G - 6C


Dahim Hussain - 3B
Team Worker

Helping people with their learning.


Abubucker Alyas - 4M/S
Team Worker

I was a member of the Boccia team that won a bronze medal at the County Championships.
A boy from another team was struggling in a wheel chair. He threw the ball out, it wasn't a good throw. I said "good shot" to help him.

Rasmeet Kaur - 4T
Reflective Learner

I solved a Division Word Problem and I was the first person to complete it!!The word problem had multiplication in it as well.  Mrs Toor said it would be quite challenging but it was actually really easy for me!Since I was the first person to complete it,I had to show the full working out to the class.  Mrs Toor is really proud of me.
I hope you can learn from me.

Adham Sharif and Hashim Hussain - 4W
Team Workers

Adham - We did Boccia at Long Eaton and we won third in the whole county. We worked as a team by taking it in turns and we supported the other teams. At the end, we said well done to the others.

Hashim - In our team, we had a captain that chose a person to bowl which was good and I played each game working with my team. I helped my team and said well done to them.

Laaibah Iqbal - 5D
Effective Participator

I have been chosen for house hero as I am a good participator. I engage well when working in a group. I try to make suggestions that can improve the work we are doing and always try to work fairly.

Shoaib Sharif Mahmood - 5W
Self Manager

I have been chosen for "House Hero Assembly" because I cover all the learning behaviours. I am able to work well with others as well as on my own. Mr.Dunsworth and Miss.Razaq are very proud of me! :D

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?