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3P - 4W - 5M/G - 6B


3T - 4M/S - 5W/C - 6H


3A - 4B - 5A - 6C


Ramesha Tanveer - 3A
Team Worker

I am a house hero because I always help other people!

Hanfa Yaser - 4W
Reflective Learner

I am a Reflective Learner because I listen to advice and I made a lot of progress this year by trying my best and putting my hand up for every question even if I get it wrong. If I see a problem in my work I fix it straight away.

Jalal Halimy - 4M/S
Reflective Learner

I used my learning to help my homework and writing.

Priya Bhopal - 5M/G
Reflective Learner

I'm house hero because my homework is always back on time and I always try my best .My teachers are very impressed with me and say that my homework is stunning.

Sabba - 5W/C
Self Manager

I have been committing myself to learning and self-improvement. I am gaining confidence and really starting to believe I can achieve anything if I try my hardest!

Iqra Mahmood - 5A
Effective Participator

I am house hero because I take responsiblity for my actions to bring improvement for others as well as themselves.

Bilal Mahmood - 6B
Reflective Learner

I have been working hard to improve the neatness of my handwriting. I will continue working towards making sure that my handwriting is neat at all times and in all my books.

Haseeb Tahir - 6C
Reflective Learner

I have been chosen for house hero because I have improved my handwriting. Mrs Collins, Mr Waqas and Mr Carr are very proud of me and my efforts.

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?