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3M - 4M/S - 5D - 6B


3B - 4T - 5W - 6J/I/B


3A - 4W - 5M/G - 6C


Maria Amber - 3M
Self Manager

Maria is an excellent self manager.
She always completes her learning to the best of her ability in the time given without any fuss. Well done Maria!

Nisha Mahmood - 3B
Effective Participator

I am House Hero because I work hard and got good results in my tests.

Huriya Munir - 3A
Reflective Learner

I have worked really hard to this on my tests.

Hibah Yousaf - 4M/S
Resourceful Thinker

In Year 4, we have been doing tests.
I did 3 Maths tests and got 92/95 . For my reading test I got 37/40.And finally for my spelling test I got 20/20.  Mr.Stretton, Mr.Amin, Mrs.Curpen and Mrs.Mann are very proud of me.

Maddison Grewal - 4T
Reflective Learner

Maddison has been practising her spellings and because of all her effort achieved a fantastic mark in the spelling test!

Harez Omar - 4W
Resourceful Thinker

I have been picked for HOUSE HERO because I never give up and if I'm given a really hard challenge I keep trying and if I get it wrong I keep trying. I hope you can learn from me.

Umar Ahmed - 5D
Self Manager

I have been chosen for self manager as I take responsibility for my learning; I organise myself and my work. I always work hard to achieve and do better.

Muhammad Haseeb Tahir - 5M/G
Independent Enquirer

My teachers chose me for House Hero because I have been producing outstanding pieces of homework.

GREAT WORK EVERYONE! Who will be our winners next week?